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Its broad wing, with a 149-foot span, was so big a flight engineer could enter via a crawlway to make minor repairs while in flight.
While humans have known about the cave since prehistoric times, it was thought to be a relatively insignificant structure just 500 feet in length until modern cavers pushed a tight, blowing crawlway at the rear of the cave in 1989 and discovered miles of phenomenal passages, rooms, and formations.
In 1984, Steve was sent to the Stobie Mine to hammer out some sewage piping, which was only accessible through a 400-foot unlit, cramped crawlway.
Entrance to this small cave of two rooms is via a short crawlway.
and almost affectionately remembers the Schuylkill that runs through Philadelphia as the "Surekill Crawlway.
In May 1986, after two years of digging, they finally uncovered a crawlway to a large room.
Koryta has done his speleological homework, and when he's got his characters inching through claustrophobic crawlways and wormways in the cold and dark, he knows what he's talking about.
And even though we're 20 metres below street level there's another four metres of crawlways below us that give even more access.
I coped and so did our photographer Steven Brough but he saw several visitors misjudge distances and bang their head on the top of the narrow crawlways.
Remove grade stakes, wood in crawlways, and other unnecessary wood sources.