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(Cray, Inc., Seattle, WA, A supercomputer manufacturer founded in 1972 as Cray Research, Inc., by Seymour Cray, a leading designer of large-scale computers at Control Data. In 1976, it shipped its first computer to Los Alamos National Laboratory. The CRAY-1 was a 75 MHz, 64-bit machine with a peak speed of 160 megaFLOPS, making it the world's fastest vector processor.

Over the years the company has introduced numerous models of entry-level to high-end supercomputers including the X-MP, Y-MP, C90, T90, J90, T3E, SV1, SV2 and MTA series. All Unix based, they are used for many different industrial, technical and commercial applications.

In 1989, Seymour Cray left his company to found Cray Computer Corporation, which closed six years later. In 1996, Cray Research was acquired by Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI). In 2000, Tera Computer Company acquired the vector processor technology from SGI and changed its name to Cray, Inc. The company's latest high-performance computing systems are microprocessor based and use x86 chips from AMD and Intel.

Seymour Cray
Cray became famous for his supercomputers, and his passion for high-speed computing led to many innovative designs. Cray died in 1996 at the age of 71, due to injuries in an automobile accident. (Image courtesy of Cray Research, Inc.)

The Cray 1
In the late 1970s, the Cray 1 became synonymous with high-speed computing. It was often photographed for "space-age" computer shots because of its science fiction silhouette. (Image courtesy of Cray Research, Inc.)

The Cray T90
In this world of look-alike boxes, the machines that Cray has built are sure standouts. (Image courtesy of Cray Research, Inc.)
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Cray, inventor of the supercomputer and father of modern computer technology, would be alternately hailed as the "Albert Einstein," "Thomas Jefferson," and "Evil Kneivel" of supercomputing.
The SUPERMEN: The Story of Seymour Cray and the Technical Wizards behind the Supercomputer by award-winning writer Charles J.
A real-life adventure, it begins with Seymour Cray and his intellectual counterparts beating out IBM to become the runaway industry leaders of the supercomputer industry.
In 1989, after the Cray-3 had consumed $130 million in R&D, the chairman of Cray's corporation ousted him and turned the Cray-3 project into a new company, Cray Computer, with Cray as its chairman.
Silicon Graphics acquired the parent company, Cray Research, the same year.
Some of his most significant contributions to computing were vector processing, in which long series of calculations are chained together, and Reduced Instruction Set Computing, a technology often credited to IBM although it was actually invented by Cray in the 1960s.
Collaboration and technology sharing between Sun and Cray will benefit users by making powerful Fortran 90 tools available to multiple platforms and operating environments," said Jon Kannegaard, vice president and general manager of developer products at SunSoft.
SunSoft's adoption broadens the availability of our CF90 product in the high-volume SPARC workstation and server market and significantly advances CraySoft's strategy to establish CF90 as an industry standard for open, high-performance Fortran development," said Irene Qualters, senior vice president of software, Cray Research.
CraySoft is the Cray Research business unit responsible for development, marketing and sales of Cray Research software for non-Cray platforms in the open systems marketplace.
CraySoft, Cray Fortran 90, CF90 and CRAY SUPERSERVER 6400 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cray Research Inc.