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1. cream sherry a full-bodied sweet sherry
a. a yellowish-white colour
b. (as adjective): cream wallpaper



a dairy product with a high fat content, obtained by separating whole milk into cream and skim milk. Before the invention of the cream separator, cream was obtained by allowing milk to stand between 12 and 24 hours and removing or pouring off the cream that had formed. Dairies produce cream with fat contents of 10,20, and 35 percent (see Table 1).

Table 1. Chemical composition (in percentages) and caloric value of different types of cream
*1 calorie = 4.19 kilojoules
Fat .......................102035
Protein .....................
Lactose ....................
Calories* per 100g .............117.3213.1334.5

In addition to table cream, condensed and powdered cream are also produced. Most cream is made into butter. Cream is also used in the manufacture of sour cream and ice cream.

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Her tall, regal creation with doctored-up chocolate cake mix layers filled with billowing clouds of sweetened whipped cream and fresh strawberries was inspired by neapolitan ice cream sandwiches she liked and ate as a kid.
Tasting an ice cream in Portugal while on holiday as an adult triggered my ongoing love affair with home-made ice cream,' Liz says of her conversion to becoming an Ice Cream Queen.
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Neufchatel--a spreadable unripened white cheese--brings the sat fat to four grams, yet looks and tastes exactly like full-fat cream cheese.
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But once the ice cream sits around and the crystals grow to greater than 50 micrometers, they become detectable to eaters, says Goff.
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As part of this transaction, Taro acquired the Canadian ANDS for Tiamol(R), Draxis' brand of Fluocinonide E Cream in Canada.
This summer, ice cream enthusiasts can cool down with traditional hand-scooped OREO ice cream treats or Baskin-Robbins new smooth and creamy Soft Serve blended with delicious OREO cookies.
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That is, until the '90s, when people figured out that low-fat ice cream wasn't low-calorie .