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seasoning or flavoring composition, usually in liquid or semiliquid form, used as an appetizing accompaniment for meat, fish, vegetables, and desserts. Sauces, an important feature of quality cookery, especially in France, have often been named for the chefs who created them. Sauces may be classed as hot and cold; and divided again, the hot as white and brown, the cold as the mayonnaise type and the type used for coating cold foods and often containing gelatin. Hot sauces, made with a base of flour, fat, and milk or stock, may be varied by seasonings and added ingredients. Stewed fruits, such as apple and cranberry, are sometimes classified as sauces. Commercial sauces, which are finely blended extracts of various fruits and vegetables with vinegar and condiments, include Worcestershire sauce, Leicester sauce, chili sauce, creole sauce, soy sauce, Tabasco, and catsup. Sauces for puddings and desserts include syrup, custard, fruit, and creamed sauces (hard sauce and wine and brandy sauce).
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Blending the cooked, cured meats with the cream sauce created an elegant plate that spoke to the expertise of the chef.
The andouille-encrusted red fish is the house favorite, but the blackened redfish with crawfish in a cream sauce is a special that tops the list as well.
The headline attraction of the made-from-scratch Irish meals is freshly roasted corned beef brisket with a side of creamy horseradish cream sauce.
What surprised Hensperger most is that boneless, skinless chicken breasts could be done so fast in a slow cooker -- 2 hours on high -- and that jarred Alfredo sauce could be transformed into a pesto cream sauce that does not break down.
Among the unique offerings are Pistachio Pea Pate, Mango Macadamia Soup, Strawberry Pine Nut Dressing, Pecan Praline Pumpkin Bread, Savory Cashew Cream Sauce, Hazelnut and Mushroom Curry, Cranberry Walnut Pie, and Cherry Almond Mousse.
The standard Italian fare includes eggplant-and-salmon crepes, fresh lobster atop fettuccine, and pork tenderloin with taragon dijon cream sauce.
The new entrees include cowboy steak with red chili onions and corn-bean ragout, lamb shank with an ale tomato sauce, chicken Madeira, and pumpkin ravioli with sage cream sauce.
Stuffed chicken breast, tender chicken stuffed with spinach and dolcelatte, served in a cream sauce and vegetable goulash, seasonal vegetables served in a pesto cream sauce and a crispy tortilla form part of the main dishes.
Cook the mussels only until all the shells have just opened, add the cream sauce to the mussels and stir well for 1-2 minutes.
tosses the gnocchi - Italian-style potato dumplings - with roasted mushrooms, garlic, onion and olives in a cream sauce made with sun-dried tomatoes and serves them on a bed of wilted spinach.
Try the punta jalapena, a beef dish with a jalapeno pepper and cream sauce, Avenida Norte 77 at Paseo General Escalon.