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creation science:

see creationismcreationism
or creation science,
belief in the biblical account of the creation of the world as described in Genesis, a characteristic especially of fundamentalist Protestantism (see fundamentalism). Advocates of creationism have campaigned to have it taught in U.S.
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Comparatively, Judge Jones arrives at the same conclusion for Intelligent Design Theory as Overton did for creation science.
Recently, other non-Canadian groups have been active within our borders, such as Kent Hovind's, Creation Science Evangelism (CSE website, accessed 2006), which is run from the site of Dinosaur Adventure Land, his anti-evolution theme park in Pensacola, Florida (Dinosaur Adventure Land website, accessed 2006).
Aguillard) that creation science is intrinsically a religious view.
He exemplifies this in chapter 5, on science and creation science, and in chapter 6, on the cold fusion controversy of 1989.
Insisting that its approach to creation is science and not religion, creation science advocates such as Morris argue that this theory should be taught in public schools along with evolution.
Along with addressing issues like ID and creation science, Johnson goes on to show how molecular biology confirms and extends the conclusions that scientists have used to support evolution.
Creation Science is an oxymoron based on a myth regarding the origin of living things.
The ACLU spun out a fable that intelligent design is creationism repackaged some time in the last 20 years to get around court rulings against creation science.
In the 1960s and 1970s, organizations and think tanks such as the Creation Research Society and later the Institute for Creation Research sprang up to support creation science, while researchers affiliated with these groups published books for popular audiences and pushed their theories to the press without the pressures of peer review or academic rigor.
Then a Supreme Court ruling in 1987 struck down an effort to have creation science taught with evolution.
West began his intellectual expedition as a student of creation science (if that isn't an oxymoron) as part of an in-depth quest to mine the troth of Christianity.

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