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symbol for the element chromiumchromium
[Gr.,=color], metallic chemical element; symbol Cr; at. no. 24; at. wt. 51.9961; m.p. about 1,857°C;; b.p. 2,672°C;; sp. gr. about 7.2 at 20°C;; valence +2, +3, +6. Chromium is a silver-gray, lustrous, brittle, hard metal that can be highly polished.
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(chemical engineering)


1. Abbr. for cold-rolled.
2. Abbr. for “ceiling register.”


cross, 3
1. An object consisting primarily of two straight or nearly straight pieces forming right angles with one another; the usual symbol of the Christian religion.
2. A monument or small building of any kind surmounted by a cross, 1, as a market cross.




The country code for Costa Rica.


(1) See cognitive radio and conversion rate.

(2) (Carriage Return) The character code generated when the Enter key is pressed. In ASCII and EBCDIC systems, the code is a decimal 13 or hex 0D. See line break.
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Tiempo empleado en las consultas CRED y en el registro de datos correspondiente.
Asi lo demuestran tanto los nuevos desarrollos presentados por CRED en su pagina web (www.
UTMDACC also maintains extensive tumor and tissue banks, with thousands of samples that are available to CRED faculty to validate theories developed in model systems, including animal models.
Plans are also underway to develop a Sweet Cred gang, comprising four characters and a dog, for the Wrist Lickers' watch strap.
He liked this car but then he is a man who really does need something drastic done to his street cred.
Sweet Cred first broke into the Middle East market by exhibiting at Gulfood 2008 where it generated great interest for its products.
Stiffer suspension, a lower body, front spoiler, side spoilers and alloys give it street cred and a six-speaker CD, automatic wipers and air-con keep it comfortable.
Belts, pants or haircuts do not give any of these clowns cred.
In a desperate attempt to show some street cred, Howard has started pontificating on football.
In the catalogue Rohatyn tries to give her assembly of artists some theoretical foundation, citing Guy Debord's The Society of the Spectacle and claiming that "Casino 2001" tries to "strip the Spectacle of awe"--a transparent attempt to give this insipid collection of commodities some sort of theoretical street cred.
The Hawks' hippie twang cred is emphasized by the appearance of Byrds/Burrito Brothers stalwart Chris Hillman, but they can also cook up a faux myth-rock inferno on the hilarious ``Slash From Guns N' Roses.
While some models are all about funky street cred and sparkling performance, the XMAX sets out to do nothing more than satisfy the serious scooter commuter.