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symbol for the element chromiumchromium
[Gr.,=color], metallic chemical element; symbol Cr; at. no. 24; at. wt. 51.9961; m.p. about 1,857°C;; b.p. 2,672°C;; sp. gr. about 7.2 at 20°C;; valence +2, +3, +6. Chromium is a silver-gray, lustrous, brittle, hard metal that can be highly polished.
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(chemical engineering)


1. Abbr. for cold-rolled.
2. Abbr. for “ceiling register.”


cross, 3
1. An object consisting primarily of two straight or nearly straight pieces forming right angles with one another; the usual symbol of the Christian religion.
2. A monument or small building of any kind surmounted by a cross, 1, as a market cross.




The country code for Costa Rica.


(1) See cognitive radio and conversion rate.

(2) (Carriage Return) The character code generated when the Enter key is pressed. In ASCII and EBCDIC systems, the code is a decimal 13 or hex 0D. See line break.
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DESIGN CRED It's small (less than 3 pounds) and smooth, and its green skin ripens to orange-tan.
Abbas Al Hajj, the former Head of Tourism for the Directorate of Tourism in Bahrain and chief officer of Hospitality at Dubai Holdings, will lead the regional development of Sweet Cred and its sister company Sports Candy, the statement added.
This season's carbon dioxide output is calculated and assessed by CRed on a Round-by-Round basis to ensure an accurate measurement.
ThereOs nothing like a blast from your career past to ruin your street cred.
They think it's Moldova - it is now" becomes "Ei cred ca e Moldova - acuma este".
And according to project manager Lynn Pallister, the street cred scheme helps improve behaviour and boost the youngsters' self-esteem.
I had excoriated Honda for not being more adventurous with the Civic, and completely missing the opportunity to build on its street cred.
Sweet Cred products are going from strength to strength and next year brings even more fun-packed treats in the shape of these incredible 'skateboarders'.
The rudimentary architectural structures that she fashions from those materials may not have much street cred, but in their own way they are undeniably a product of the streets.
Whatever his 'street cred,' Councillor Mark Hill represents Brandwood on the City Council at the ripe old age of 30.
CRED is one of the few NIEHS centers that ties researchers from multiple institutions and campuses: SPRD in Smithville, the UTMDACC main campus, which is 130 miles to the southeast in Houston, and UT Austin, about 40 miles in the other direction.
The evil underbelly of the prep school world is revealed here in the "blue-blood thugs" who imitate gang culture and run tough crews wearing North Face jackets, looking for action and "street cred.