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crematory, crematorium

A building for the incineration of the human dead.
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A spokesman for Mercia said: "The demand is for crematoria to have facilities for larger coffins.
Under the new rules, crematoria must cut mercury emissions by 50 per cent by 2012 through the installation of special equipment.
The only existing crematoria in North Wales are at Mochdre, Bangor and Wrexham, but the residents say their is no need for another one in this area.
Officials have also moved to reassure residents that they will try to introduce the filters without forcing closure of any crematoria.
Dewsbury Moor Crematorium will be operating as normal through the closure period at Huddersfield and Kirklees Bereavement Service will liaise with all crematoria in neighbouring authorities to ensure any funeral delays are kept to a minimum.
Crematoria Management Ltd says it has looked at 24 sites in the Vale and has concluded that the St Nicholas site is the best.
Kirklees Cabinet members will get their first viewing of that scheme and what Dewsbury's new pounds 3m crematorium could look like when it meets to discuss investment in cemeteries and crematoria on March 26.
Local residents say Crematoria Management's proposed crematorium on the A48 near St Nicholas, would be out of place in the countryside setting and add to already serious traffic congestion.
NEW cash for cemeteries and crematoria was announced yesterday.
Crematoria Management, the company behind the plans says it shows widespread support for the scheme.
ABOUT pounds 10m is to be spent improving cemeteries and crematoria across Kirklees, council bosses have revealed.
Crematoria Management Ltd says it will slash the price of cremation for Vale residents and the surrounding areas by pounds 150 if they get the go-ahead to build the crematorium along the A48 in St Nicholas - the first that will serve the Vale.