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a specially equipped building intended for cre-mating the deceased.

The first crematory was opened in Milan in 1876. Present-day crematories house crematory furnaces, a funeral room for rites, and other rooms. A plot of land is usually reserved in the area surrounding the crematory for the burial of urns, and columbaria are constructed. The first crematory in the USSR was opened in Moscow in October 1927.

crematory, crematorium

A building for the incineration of the human dead.
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They said the bill sought to put up state-monitored crematories 'to provide more affordable and accessible services to encourage more surviving families, especially the indigent, to opt for cremation of their deceased instead of burial.
Key executives at cemeteries and crematories now have instant access to information on a pet at all times," Macho said.
The software tracks all relevant operations at pet cemeteries and crematories and ensures the efficiency and accuracy of order processing, burial and crematory preparations and cemetery administration, Macho said.
This new software module will enable operators of both pet cemeteries and crematories to obtain considerable savings by eliminating duplicate time-consuming manual processes," said Mobile BIS President Michael Macho.
We are getting numerous reports from crematories, where the software was installed, of significant increases in performance and productivity and resultant improved customer satisfaction and loyalty," Macho said.
Our decision at Mobile BIS to develop a software application tailored to the needs of pet crematories and their veterinarian and pet owner customers clearly has been justified by the overwhelming response," said Macho.
One of the nation's largest pet crematories, Valley Pet serves pet owners and veterinarians from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.
While there are a number of large companies which operate an integrated funerals and cemeteries and crematories, there is still a significant involvement of government in managing and operating these latter facilities.
Sentinel Cremation Societies provides the full range of at-need and preneed death care services and products to families through its thirteen service centers, four crematories, two funeral chapels, one cemetery and one columbarium.
MHI Group currently owns and operates 13 funeral homes, four cemeteries and three crematories in Florida and three funeral homes, one cemetery and one crematory in Colorado.
Attesting to the effectiveness of our pre-need sales activities and operating efficiencies was a same-store sales increase of 14 percent on the 12 funeral homes, four cemeteries and two crematories operating during the past two years," he said.
In addition to its Colorado facilities, MHI Group owns 13 funeral homes, four cemeteries and three crematories in Florida.