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(US), crenelated
(of a moulding, etc.) having square indentations

crenelated, crenellated

1. Having battlements.
2. Bearing an embattled pattern of repeated indentations.
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Today, the museum complex encompasses eight buildings, with all 104,000 square feet of exhibit space in the main brewery facility, which itself features two crenelated five-story towers.
For at least a century, Randolph residents had considered the deep woods and crenelated peaks of the Pond of Safety Forest a part of their collective community.
Most of northwest Georgia is located in the Valley and Ridge geological and ecological province, a strip of crenelated land, housing some of the oldest mountains on earth and stretching from northeast Alabama into the New England States.
Quatrebarbes ordered the conversion of his house, little more than a hunting lodge, into a faux gothic chateau, crenelated turrets and all.
It was not until 13 years later in 1845, inspired by his comments and the water colour sketches in his notebooks that Delacroix embarked on a large oil painting of the Sultan, riding a horse, shaded from the sun by a large parasol and surrounded by his guards in front of the crenelated walls of Meknes.
The fiber cross section is circular but with a crenelated surface.
Quiet reminders of a sometimes violent clash of cultures, the Spanish churches resemble fortresses, with walled courts, high windows, and crenelated parapets.
In his new book, Computer Insecurity, Norman states that, just as a castle had concentric rings of denfense consisting of moats, ramparts, gates and crenelated walls, so a computer must have concentric rings of security built int hardware, communications, software, applications programs, physical environment and personne.
The discovery and documentation of the massive citadel fortress, its bas-relief panels and a variety of surviving architectural fragments, provided the inspiration for Moran Walls & Clements to recreate the Palace of Sargon II with its Assyrian-winged bulls and crenelated stone-like walls that create the memorable landmark and quarter-mile long frontage wall that is now known as the Citadel Outlets and Office Park.
The brewery features numerous 19th-century buildings, with crenelated turrets and cobblestone streets.
Still in use as government buildings are the 1870 Brooke palace and various colonial forts with crenelated parapets.