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(US), crenelated
(of a moulding, etc.) having square indentations

crenelated, crenellated

1. Having battlements.
2. Bearing an embattled pattern of repeated indentations.
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Crenelated shafts of rocks shoot up around us and fall away into treelined valleys of sweet-scented Canarian pines.
The A350's swooped back winglets could make it as recognizable a sight at airports around the world as the crenelated engine covers of the Dreamliner.
Then, with clay tools, students carved crenelated (notched) tops on half-inch-thick 15" x 4.
Called "The Castle" because of its crenelated roof line (actually a row of bird houses), the two-story house was constructed of concrete blocks that he had formed and cemented in place.
It's just so impressive from all angles, so stark and crenelated.
Mauricius's misshapen torso sports a wee penis as a tail and a bulbous frontage of crenelated flesh, and the sardonic usurer takes his greatest pleasure in puerile desecration, shirting in a church or lustily kissing the statue of a saint until his jaw aches.
Louis brewery, beyond the crenelated battlements of the 19th century brewhouse, is A-B's true castle keep--a five-story windowless building that houses the Anheuser-Busch Culture Yeast Center.
Up close, and despite the presence of crenelated watchtowers and multiple gateways, there was something almost organic in its curving walls, which meticulously followed the cliff's contours.
Our cottage stands alone on a hillside looking south to the crenelated peaks of Ben Loyal (765m), Queen of Scottish Mountains, and the grey shoulder of The Fairy Hill, Ben Hee (873m).
It is made from a single billet of CNC machined high-grade aerospace aluminum, black anodized, and the front and rear has crenelated strike crowns.
Built on a trading post used by the Phoenicians, Sala sits on a hill with a panoramic view of the Bouregreg river flowing into the Atlantic and is now surrounded by a crenelated medieval wall with imposing towers.
As the display changes, coming weeks will bring centaurs, unicorns, mermen, and several courtly hunting scenesa dog chases a hare; a falconer and a crossbow-aiming figure converge on a bird perched on a crenelated tower.