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Fibrolitic sillimanite grew in biotite of crenulation cleavage and projects into garnet kyanite and quartz.
A weakly developed crenulation cleavage is defined by fine grained muscovite.
Fine grained biotite and muscovite define the main crenulation cleavage.
1]) and often are accompanied by a crenulation cleavage ([S.
In slate horizons, the smooth S2 crenulation cleavage is defined by parallel and discrete domains with accumulation of opaque minerals (Fig.
2]) and an associated pressure solution-enhanced crenulation cleavage (S,).
2] crenulation cleavage enhanced by pressure solution.
7d, Table 1) with an axial planar crenulation cleavage is present, along with sinistral tension gashes and sheath folds.
The slaty cleavage (S1) is usually crenulated and sometimes develops a crenulation cleavage (S2).
In the same rocks, the S2 is a spaced crenulation cleavage related with smaller-scale folds of WNW and ESE vergence.
Investigations on the mechanical significance of crenulation cleavage.
Criteria for incipient slaty and crenulation cleavage development in Tertiary flysch of the Helvetic zone of the Swiss Alps.