crepe myrtle

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crepe myrtle:

see loosestrifeloosestrife,
common name for the Lythraceae, a widely distributed family of plants most abundant as woody shrubs in the American tropics but including also herbaceous species (chiefly of temperate zones) and some trees.
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The dogwood and crepe myrtle collections were planted so visitors could view the bark as well as the blooms.
This walking tour will take you along the streets of a typical Garden District neighborhood where ancient live oaks shade these homes, surrounded with crepe myrtle, magnolia, and banana trees.
We have a lot of pecan trees, azaleas, camellias, dogwood, crepe myrtle, etc.
Some popular trees in this group include ficus, serissa, fuchsia, buttonwood, crepe myrtle, bougainvillea and jade.
Some of its preferred hosts for feeding and/or egg laying are, besides grapes, citrus, Crepe myrtle, Privet, Photinia, Camellia, Ash, Sycamore, Magnolia, Peach, Sunflower, Hollyhock, and Malva, Sow thistle and Lambs-quarters (weeds).
The most common species in Monroe's Parks were water oak, slash pine, and crepe myrtle and in the Schools were slash pine, crepe myrtle, and willow oak.
Has: mesquite, white crepe myrtle, pink crepe myrtle, mimosa, McIntosh ash, silver maple, chinaberry, century plant, mount laurel, red bud, live oak, red oak, morning glory vines, bluebonnets, holly
Lennar recently opened the Crepe Myrtle, their new model home at the community.
In my humble opinion, it deserves equal billing with the crepe myrtle as a street tree for our city.
Other projects being tackled at the lab include development of molecular markers to identify crepe myrtle, dogwood, and hydrangea varieties in nurseries.
The soaring golden spikes of the candle bush and the bright yellow blossoms of beach buttercup illuminate the multicolor landscape, where the sky-blue plumbagos mingle with the fiery red of heliconia and penta, the orange blossoms of the pagoda flowers, the purple haze of the crepe myrtle and the glory bush and the coral trumpets of the cape honeysuckle.
Summer brings magnolia blossoms to the garden, the colorful blooms of crepe myrtle and beds of summer flowers.