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The plaintiff alleged that the failure to apply cricoid pressure allowed regurgitation to occur.
This study was approved by the Human Research and Ethics Committee of Peninsula Health and was registered with the Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trials Register on 23 September 2009 as "Blinded off line assessment of the effects of cricoid pressure with video assisted laryngoscopy in patients using a C-MAC" (ACTRN1260900080932279).
Cricoid pressure was applied following loss of consciousness and the trachea was secured rapidly.
In these circumstances, the concomitant use of cricoid pressure is possible, but awake fibreoptic intubation is considered safer.
Laryngeal view during laryngoscopy: a randomized trial comparing cricoid pressure, backward-upward-rightward pressure, and bimanual laryngoscopy.
1 ml/kg was injected over 30 seconds while maintaining cricoid pressure, followed by succinycholine 1 mg/kg.
0 endotracheal tube with cricoid pressure being maintained.
The patient was mask-ventilated with low pressure and small tidal volume while maintaining cricoid pressure.