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Leveraging the same patented real-time content inspection technology as implemented in Finjan's Secure Web Gateway solutions, Finjan SecureBrowsing identified 10 different types of crimeware toolkits in August alone.
In its Latest Malicious Page of the Month Report, Finjan Reveals the Commercialization of Stolen FTP Server Credentials, Owned by Legitimate Companies, by Hackers who are Using the NeoSploit Crimeware Toolkit
Finjan's Q3 Web Security Trends Report provides a follow-up to the predictions in the previous Q2 report, issued in June 2007, on the availability of ready-made crimeware toolkits.
The APWG, founded in 2003 as the Anti-Phishing Working Group, is a global industry, law enforcement, and government coalition focused on eliminating the identity theft and fraud that result from the growing problem of phishing, email spoofing, and crimeware.
OneStreetTroop," the Damballa reference to a botnet operation reliant on crimeware generated by the popular SpyEye do-it-yourself (DIY) construction set, climbed from number 10 in 2010 to the number 1 position for the first half of 2011.
The crimeware sends the intercepted UserID and password to the criminal's server, instead of sending to bank's server.
As with mainstream software providers, the creators and owners of these Crimeware toolkits provide their customer base with update mechanisms while tooling them with sophisticated, anti-forensic attack techniques, as well as the ability to manage and monitor malicious code affiliation networks.
The results reveal that an overwhelming number of respondents perceive cybercrime as a major business risk, specifically the possibility of their sensitive information such as customer, patient, and employee data being stolen by crimeware.
Organizations recognize the need for proactive 'zero day' crimeware prevention as evangelized by Finjan since its inception in 1996.
Norton 360 will reportedly provide data protection through automated online back-up and online transaction security, where new tools will help protect consumers from phishing scams and crimeware.
At Symantec Roundtable on Cybercrime and Crimeware in Washington, D.
a leading provider of anti-malware detection and anti crimeware solutions, announced an industry-wide security challenge and performance guarantee aimed at urging companies to demand better security performance at lower costs from their end-point security providers.