crisis, economic

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crisis, economic:

see depressiondepression,
in economics, period of economic crisis in commerce, finance, and industry, characterized by falling prices, restriction of credit, low output and investment, numerous bankruptcies, and a high level of unemployment.
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The report, entitled "Fiscal Crisis, Economic Prospects: The Imperative for Economic Cohesion in the Palestinian Territories," emphasized that only strong private sector investment will drive sustainable growth and underscores how many layers of physical, administrative and security restrictions now constrain the private sector.
The bailout terms would have to be "balanced, socially just and give emphasis to development," said DIKO's statement while the EDEK spokesman asserted that "we want the loan to get out of crisis not sink deeper into crisis, economic and social.
New York, Ramadan 5, 1433, July 24, 2012, SPA -- UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, on Tuesday cut its profit expectations for 2012, citing theeurozone financial crisis, economic uncertainty in the United States, and lower exports from Asia, dpa reported.
Compared to the said three burgeoning brands, HP, Acer and Dell, however, will struggle for moderate shipment growth for a variety of reasons, including the deteriorating EU debt crisis, economic slowdowns in China, the delayed launch of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors, and market inertia caused by consumers awaiting the upcoming Windows 8.
Other than an inflation that will create new problems and bring its own crisis, economic growth is the only way out of Europe's debt morass.
THE Eurozone crisis, economic uncertainty and limited bank lending will continue to hit commercial property activity in the West Midlands for the rest of the year, according to property experts.
Keywords: global economy, financial crisis, economic reform, financial reform, economic policy
Prior to the global financial crisis, economic growth stood at 7.
This session covered the ongoing dramatic market changes in order to respond to the financial crisis, economic conditions, stimulus spending, environmental priorities, industry regulation, and other market forces,
On the agenda of the meeting, there will be recent developments in the global crisis, economic recovery as well as measures to get rid of the crisis.
Mr War ner said: "This has been a particularly difficult year for the Group, possibly the worst in our history, with a banking crisis, economic recession and the general malaise in the real estate industry resulting in plummeting property values.