crisis, economic

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crisis, economic:

see depressiondepression,
in economics, period of economic crisis in commerce, finance, and industry, characterized by falling prices, restriction of credit, low output and investment, numerous bankruptcies, and a high level of unemployment.
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It spans a spectrum of research areas such as trade and free trade agreements, imports and exports, comparative advantage and specialization, tariff liberalization, banking regulations and bank efficiency, public debt and the European debt crisis, economic growth, and structural transformation.
We have faced terrorists, power crisis, economic meltdowns, organized crime and so much more.
For example, while those with higher incomes seem to have some protection from suicides in times of crisis, economic downturns create conditions of greater vulnerability.
Undeterred by the ongoing Greek debt crisis, economic growth is gathering momentum and looks set to gain further traction in coming months," said Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit in London.
While, like many other Caribbean countries, Antigua & Barbuda experienced a fall-out from the 2008 global financial crisis, economic policies by the Spencer administration led to a contraction of the private sector and mounting unemployment that rose from 5% when the UPP took office in 2004 to over 25%.
The Thai coup may claim a temporary let-up in the ongoing protests, but in the long run, it is a harbinger of political crisis, economic debacle and social breakdown.
The nine included papers address: fiscal mischief and fiscal constraint in the European crisis, economic Darwinism versus interventionism in economic policy, the impact of competitiveness development on social structures and values, participatory governance of local public utilities, cluster development analysis of embedded systems in the European metropolitan region of Nuremberg, factors of success in mergers and acquisitions performance, social and economic strategies for a sustainable society, and infrastructure economy as a nucleus for more sustainability.
The country is suffering from fatal crisis and problems such as religious fanaticism, sectarian and ethnic division, terrorism, energy crisis, economic crisis, unemployment, extortion and poverty.
In times of political crisis, economic relations, including tourism and education, are the only alternatives.
The cartoons, appearing in this relatively popular yet provincial periodical, triggered a diplomatic crisis, economic boycotts, and mass protests throughout the Muslim world that caused hundreds of casualties, some fatal.
Although Dubai has recovered strongly from the crisis, economic growth alone will not provide nearly enough money to repay those debts, and the emirate appears to have little room to boost its cashflow.
Soomro addressing the Congress said that quality science education is key to solution of all problems including energy crisis, economic and environment problems as well as terrorism.