critical infrastructure

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critical infrastructure

The basic systems necessary for survival of an organization or nation. The U.S. Government states that the country's critical infrastructure is the "infrastructure and assets vital to national security, governance, public health and safety, economy and public confidence." According to the Department of Homeland Security, the following subjects make up the critical infrastructure:

Agriculture and Food
Public Health
Emergency Services
Defense Industrial Base
Banking and Finance
Chemicals and Hazardous Materials
Postal and Shipping

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More than four years after the issuance of Presidential Decision Directive (POD) 63, which called on federal agencies to improve their protection of the nation's critical infrastructure, some agencies have still not completed "the fundamental step of identifying their critical infrastructure assets and the operational dependencies of these vital assets on other public and private assets.
Hackers can use a company's Web site or e-mail system as a portal to get to critical infrastructure that houses the database of information on customers, competitors and employees.
In light of these threats, Bennett introduced the Critical Infrastructure Information Security Act (CIISA), along with Sen.
Concise explanation of the basic concepts comprising Critical Infrastructure including telecommunications, business considerations and human factors including a clear demonstration of how central systems such as the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) operate to reduce critical infrastructure risk.
The destruction or disruption of these critical infrastructures is expected to have serious impact on the safety and security of the citizens.
Infrastructure growth is a major driver in the growth for the Middle East critical infrastructure protection market," notes the analyst of this research.
This report expects that the integration of critical infrastructure protection solutions within the existing organizational framework will further amplify the growth of businesses, while ensuring the compliance and regulatory standards.
The partnership commits the two organisations to share knowledge and expertise related to cyber security for industrial control systems (ICS) and critical infrastructures in Europe to create new certification methodologies, develop testing capabilities for the smart grid, and collaborate in workshops and training.
At Enterra, Bryan will be architecting next-generation, mission-critical solutions for federal government and critical infrastructure clients.
Various critical infrastructure sectors, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, have developed ISACs to share information and analysis of threats, vulnerabilities and incidents.
As the number of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure continues to surge, device and system manufacturers are looking for ways to address security earlier in the product lifecycle," said Wurldtech CTO and co-founder, Nate Kube.
Service provider and critical infrastructure users of the Mu-4000 are proactively reducing the likelihood of unexpected service downtime causing possible customer churn or loss of revenue.

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