Critical Volume

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critical volume

[′krid·ə·kəl ′väl·yəm]
The volume occupied by one mole of a substance at the liquid-vapor critical point, that is, at the critical temperature and pressure.

Critical Volume


the specific volume of a substance (or mixture of substances) in its critical state. The specific volumes of the liquid and gaseous phases in the critical state become equal. This specific critical volume corresponds to a density approximately three times lower than the density of the substance in the solid state. (For values of the critical volume Vc of a number of substances, see .)

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Critical volumes (CV) are calculated as the ratio of the amount of chemical emitted to the Maximum Emission Concentration threshold limits For example, an emission of 200 mg NH4N with an MEC threshold value 10 mg/L results in a critical volume of 20 L (CV = 200 mg/10 mg/L).
He's a Faulkner scholar, with a dozen important critical volumes to his credit.
Shockley also edited several critical volumes, including Afro-American Women Writers, 1746-1933: An Anthology and Critical Guide (G K Hall, 1988), a book that was considered a definitive reference work at the time of its publication.
The automotive industry is a huge and growing market for plastic and composite materials, and gives SRP suppliers the best opportunity to gain critical volumes of business at an early stage.
TNS' STE can facilitate critical volumes of trade for NSE, which dominates the equities and derivatives market in India and is reliant on secure, fast and low latency connections.
Overland SRM is now used in an ongoing basis for threshold monitoring and trend analysis of our critical volumes.

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