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(krōkā`), lawn game in which the players hit wooden balls with wooden mallets through a series of 9 or 10 wire arches, or wickets. The first player to hit the posts placed at each end of the field wins. The game developed in France in the 17th cent. Though the American public identifies it as a casual picnic sport, higher levels of play that feature manicured playing surfaces, skilled shotmaking, and cutthroat strategy increased in the 1980s. An annual contest between the United States Naval Academy and St. John's College of Annapolis is a growing rivalry.



a sport in which each player uses a wooden mallet to knock a ball through a number of wire wickets in a specified order, and as fast as possible, to hit the goal—the opponent’s peg —and then to return the ball to its own peg.

Croquet was played in France in the 17th century and spread in the 19th century to many countries, including Russia, primarily as a means of relaxation and amusement. The game is played on an even earthen or grassy court of arbitrary size (24–90 m long and 13.5–45 m wide). The balls are 8.28 cm in diameter; the mallet handle is up to 1 m in length; the wickets are of no set size (approximately 25 × 25 cm). In the late 19th century roque, a variant of croquet, appeared; played on a clay court 18 × 19m with fixed wickets only 2.54 cm wider than the ball, it was included in the Olympic program in 1904. Official croquet and roque competitions are not held.


In Gothic architecture and derivatives, an upward-oriented ornament, often vegetal in form, regularly spaced along sloping or vertical edges of emphasized features such as spires, pinnacles, and gables.


a game for two to four players who hit a wooden ball through iron hoops with mallets in order to hit a peg
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Find out what would happen in a skirmish with one side armed with baseball bats and the other croquet mallets.
The brothers-in-law hit upon the idea to swap a croquet mallet for a golf club, eventually designing a specialized mallet that could withstand hitting up to a 75 yard drive.
Neill Collins swung his leg like a croquet mallet as Steve Kabba jinked past him, and referee Neil Swarbrick pointed to the spot.
Monday and beat the Bouchers with a croquet mallet.
There now seem to be so many polo clubs opening up and down the country that, just like any humble jockey born in the back streets of Belfast, if you prove to have a yen for galloping up and down on horseback at speed with what looks like a croquet mallet in your hand, then there's still a place for you.
Monday and beat Donald Bouchers, 79, and Margarete Bouchers, 75, with a croquet mallet, deputies said.
Jack's ax is replaced by an oversize croquet mallet.
We had a large barn, where previous owners had stored away all kinds of things from postcard albums to croquet mallets and rusty ice skates, much of it dating from a century before I was born.
The games will be played with antique croquet mallets and balls.
The croquet mallets are out for John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister.
Her hands had flown all around, gentling this, holding that, throwing baseballs, swinging bright croquet mallets, seeding black earth, or fixing covers over dumplings, ragouts, and children wildly strewn by slumber.