cross beam

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cross beam, crossbeam

1. A large beam between two walls.
2. A girder that holds the sides of a building together.
3. Any beam that crosses another.
4. A strut between the walings on opposite sides of an excavation.
5. A beam which runs transversely to the center line of a structure.
6. Any transverse beam in a structure, such as a joist.
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a) in terms of cross beams to truss flange connection: case a1) "strong" connection in horizontal plane cross beam web and flanges are connected or only cross beam web is connected and there is a stiffener (i.
On the day of the accident, Mr Joyce was in a cherry picker and had removed the bolts from a steel cross beam between two plate girders on a roof of a building known as the 'burning room'.
At the same time, the front cross beam of the seat adjuster, which also serves as a rotational axis for lowering the seats, provides a deeper loading area and a larger trunk.
The new HINS approach was applied to a BMW 1-series firewall with integrated cross beam.
This sling can be adjusted for several different lift capabilities by sliding the cross beam up of down and locking it into the correct setting.
A continuous weld is made along the perimeter of the hole, which ties the cross beam tightly to the main frame rail.
She also - literally - climbs all over the scenery, singing from a cross beam at one moment, upside down at another and gets hauled onto bar tops and other surfaces.
In 1994, a program was started by Audi to evaluate the prospect of replacing steel dashboard cross beam components with an aluminum box beam structure.
A new directive applicable to all Boeing model 737-100, -200, -200C, -300, -400, and -500 series aircraft requires repetitive inspections to detect cracking of the lower corners of the door frame and cross beam of the forward cargo door, along with corrective actions where necessary.
Tenders are invited for Section Insulator Cross Beam Assly As Per Rdso Drg.
A unique new feature of the PanelMaster Pro Series is the double beam assembly which includes four linear rails, twelve linear bearings, double ball nut, joined together with a welded reinforced cross beam assembly.