cross house

cross house, cross-plan house

cross house
A masonry house having a cruciform plan (i.e., shaped like a cross); especially found in colonial Maryland and Virginia. At the front of the house, entry was through a front door in a two-story extension in the transverse direction of
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Contractor address : Maple Cross House, Denham Road, Maple Cross
They were made out to Phil Richard, the landlord of The Cross House Inn, which was one of the Swansea-born poet's regular haunts in Laugharne.
Built in 1912, Cross House was - and is - a sixstorey office block.
Hexham Anglers' Association are holding an Extraordinary General Meeting this Monday at Red Cross House, St.
Morten Draegebo, a consultant at Cross House Hospital in Kilmarnock, said: "We have had many cases where young teenage females come in saying that they may have been sexually assaulted.
rd] Floor, West Cross House, 2 West Cross Way, Brentford, TW8 9DE
In 2009, 309 families (883 people) stayed at Red Cross House for an average 21-day stay.
We both lived in Red Cross House, Fairlie Road, Largs, from 1972 to 1973.
GRAND National-winning trainer Andy Turnell is set to send out the first runner from his new base next week, having taken over Jeff King's Elm Cross House stables near Swindon last weekend, writes Graham Green.
And in 2002, he restored the historic Cross House near the central business district.
The Cross House in Formby and the Meadows in Maghull are to follow the lead of the Ring O' Bells in West Kirby by becoming smoke-freepubs.
He thought at first he had sprained his leg or pulled a muscle but after an overnight stay at the hotel his leg had become badly swollen and he was taken to the Cross House Hospital, Kilmarnock, where the full extent of the injury was diagnosed.