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It is more convenient to express of the differential cross section in terms of a quantity known as the Generalized Oscillator Strength, F (q, [epsilon]) defined by
The parameters were adjusted from their original values as shows in table 3 (Hint: We select the energy at maximum cross section for different reactions for selected isotopes).
student Alice DeSimone, indicates the cross sections increase even more with decreasing water coverage.
Next, the side-edge flow was found to generate in the same way at the circular cross section of [phi]5 and semicircular cross section of R2.
As regards as all above commented, feed provokes a cross section increasing, as it can be expected from single models such those which consider the initial section as the product of depth by feed.
If a cross-section is constructed perpendicular to the strike of bedding, the dip of beds in the cross section will be the same as the dip measured in 3-D.
These results indicate that the compression processing has a marked influence on the elastic properties about the cross section of wood, and that the change in these properties should be taken into account when fabricating compressed wood.
The error on the total atomic photo effect cross section is of the order of 2%.
An elliptical cross section with a north-south orientation would have reduced heat buildup within the nest.
Aquino added, "Neighboring retailers are GNC, CVS Pharmacy, Gourmet Garage, Jekyll & Hyde, Citibank, Duplex Cabaret, Federal Express, and New York Sports Club, a cross section of major retailers on this major cross section in Greenwich Village.
A portion of the trailing end is held within the charger and the inserter is a hollow cone with a tapering inner cross section, the first section is made of the base of the cone.
WRIGHT-PATERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (AFPN) -- Air Force officials announced the completion of the final two requirements -- first flight of Raptor 4006 and initiating radar cross section testing -- which clear the way for an F-22 production decision.