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Among the topics are operator mathematics, hydraulics, pipe, water main installation and rehabilitation, fire hydrants, electrical and instrumentation-and-control systems, pumps and pumping stations, basic chlorination, backflow prevention and cross-connection control, and public relations.
Weidmuller says the new TERMSERIES modules can instantly switch the full 16 A load current thanks to the integrated cross-connection system.
Minimising the time taken to make and break these connections can dramatically improve productivity by decreasing machine down time and also eliminating risks caused by cross-connection.
But what you needed was someone who studied species, read Malthus, and had the ability to make a cross-connection.
Gaucher, DPW director, is monitoring the cross-connection program.
Then this error goes to the north channel along the cross-connection.
At only 5U (or 22 cm) in height, the compact OptiX RTN 980 has a 22-Gb/s packet cross-connection capacity that is able to support high-density microwave deployments, the company said.
Also, the setup described by the complainant from the Orange County "life mastery" seminar involved the potential for cross-connection between potable and nonpotable water.
A spokesman said: "That pipe should only carry surface water, and we can confirm that the pollution to the River Tyne was caused by an illegal cross-connection of pipework.
More of this stuff is going to happen when we have an aging infrastructure,'' said Jiin-Jen Lee, professor of civil engineering and director of the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California.
Updated to include new information on US, state and federal regulations, the guide also covers maintaining quality, operation and maintenance, the water main pipe, distribution system valves, water main installation, backfilling and main testing, fire hydrants, water storage, water services, water meters, cross-connection control, pumps and motors, water wells, safety, security, emergency preparedness, instrumentation and control, maps and records, public relations, distributions mathematics and hydraulics.
Environmental Protection Agency calls cross-connection and backflow a "significant public health risk.