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crossband, crossbanding, cross core

1. In plywood, a veneer sheet whose grain is at right angles to the face veneer.
2. Any decorative band whose grain is perpendicular to the principal surface. (See illustration p. 280.)
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TOCNET provides low bandwidth VoIP, remote radio control and radio crossbanding, extensive conferencing, and superior voice quality.
Teleport will also have terrestrial connectivity to Mobile User Objective System to support service crossbanding and multiple hop requirements.
TIK enables crossbanding between radio systems and can also extend the range of radio operation in remote locations.
In his capacity as the 302nd Signal Battalion S-4, his responsibilities included planning, support and implementation of a broad range of logistics programs pursuant to new equipment fielding of DoD C4 systems, including Satellite Command upgrades and Army transformation initiatives such as teleport, that will provide SATCOM crossbanding capabilities to joint combatant commanders and the deployed warfighter.
The system does this by utilizing five technologies not found in any previous military satellite communication system: 1) on-board signal processing, 2) on-board signal routing, 3) on-board resource control, 4) crossbanding (receiving a signal through one antenna at one frequency and processing and relaying it through a different antenna at a different frequency) and 5) satellite crosslinks (antennas that allow satellites to beam signals directly to each other without using ground station relays).
Combining the technology of today's Rolls-Royce with 1920's style and grace, this motor car boasts Connolly leather, Chesterfield buttoned seats with scatter cushions, chrome bezels to the main and auxiliary instrument panel dials, and madrona veneer with cherrywood crossbanding and boxwood inlay to the interior woodwork.
It is often used for small items such as jewelry boxes, musical instruments and patternmaking and may be sliced into veneer to use for faces, crossbanding and backs of plywood.
Overlays, Crossbanding, See Crossbanding--Veneer, Wood Fiber 269
At the Wild hot press, wood composite crossbanding and veneer faces are laminated to the core.
I suggest using poplar or one of the commercially available manufactured crossbanding materials.
Overlays, Crossbanding -- See Crossbanding--Veneer, See Crossbanding--Wood Fiber 339, 339
Basswood is, by and large, one of those non-glamorous woods popular for such low-key uses as corestock, boxes and crossbanding.