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The new rear axle transmission crossbeam is a milestone in the use of polyamides in the chassis.
In FEM simulation is considered only one half of crossbeam because is symmetric.
With Crossbeam, Blue Coat gains a best-in-class support infrastructure and a high performing platform that scales to meet the needs of even the most complex enterprise IT environments.
By providing large networks with a single source for product and support, McAfee and Crossbeam are presenting an unprecedented level of security by seamlessly delivering multiple layered security services while cost effectively addressing next-generation data center transformation and consolidation initiatives.
According to the company, the Crossbeam X-Series family enables McAfee Firewall Enterprise to deliver carrier-class performance, with speeds up to 40Gb/s of inspected application traffic throughput, scalability and built-in redundancy.
Once again, Crossbeam outperformed its competitors.
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd (Nasdaq:CHKP), an Internet security company, and Crossbeam Systems Inc, a provider of next-generation security platforms for high-performance networks, announced on Thursday (5 March) a joint offering for delivering Check Point security solutions on Crossbeam's X-Series security platform.
One of the turbine blades has been removed from SeaGen's crossbeam for inspection.
Network protection scales up to 40 Gbps by simply adding additional IBM Proventia Network IPS modules to a Crossbeam chassis.
Particularly in the case of TEM sample preparation, using the CrossBeam workstation reduces the danger of destroying the fine lamella to a minimum.
Crossbeam is involved in improving the security of computer networks.
Although he checked a chart and "didn't observe any charted power lines crossing on the segment of the river" that he was flying, he subsequently saw three wooden poles and a crossbeam along the edge of the river and pulled up.