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US and Canadian
1. a road that crosses another road
2. a road that crosses from one main road to another

What does it mean when you dream about a crossroad?

As a symbol, it should be reasonably obvious that a crossroad in a dream represents a decision, a direction we must take.

References in classic literature ?
He flung it from him quickly and it dropped crossways just behind the great snake's hood, pinning him to the floor.
When this was done I went down the ship's side, and pulling them to me, I tied four of them together at both ends as well as I could, in the form of a raft, and laying two or three short pieces of plank upon them crossways, I found I could walk upon it very well, but that it was not able to bear any great weight, the pieces being too light.
20am yesterday on The Crossway in Kenton, Newcastle.
20 yesterday morning on The Crossway on Montagu Estate, Newcastle.
The firm has been appointed alongside existing agents GVA and LSH to market office space at the Crossway, Charles House and 154 Great Charles Street in the city centre.
On May 7, In Chicago, USA was found a crossway named on the Bulgarian writer of the feuilleton aTo Chicago and Backaand activist, Aleko Konstantinov, reported bTV.
Nathan Cooper fired a hat-trick for AFC Quays as they edged Crossway 3-2 in their CWFL Link Up Division Two encounter.
The building, which is on the corner with Summer Row, was acquired in 2014 as part of a seven-property portfolio deal for PS20 million and has now been renamed The Crossway.
Contract award notice: software maintenance crossway, urqual, cora pmsi.
The fleet consists of 107 units of the successful Crossway Line and Crossway Low Entry models, and 25 Iveco Daily minibuses which will feature Iveco's new and exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed gearbox.
Crossway Scaffolding Group has begun building the supporting scaffold for what is thought to be one of the largest temporary roofs ever built.
NNA - NNA field reporter in Jbeil on Wednesday said that customs department unit in the north managed to catch an anonymous Syrian at Amshit crossway after luring him into going there in the frame of searching for his partner who is another Syrian suspect in the captagon trafficking issue which was detected yesterday in a wooden factory in Hbaline in Jbeil.