Croton Oil

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croton oil

[′krōt·ən ‚ȯil]
A yellow-brown oil obtained from the seeds of the Croton tiglium; used as a purgative and as a substitute for castor oil.

Croton Oil


a thick brownish or yellow liquid obtained from the seeds of the purging croton (Croton tiglium). Croton oil acts as a strong cathartic and irritates the skin and mucous membranes. Even in small doses (over 20 drops), it can be fatal.

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Ear edema induced by topical croton oil: The topical treatment with FA (20 [micro]l, 100 mg/ml) did not significantly reduce the auricular edema induced by topical croton oil (70.
2]) by application of 80 [micro]g of Croton oil dissolved in an appropriate vehicle, as reported below.
2]) of the right ear applying 80 [micro]g of Croton oil dissolved in 42% aqueous ethanol (for extracts and the relevant controls) or acetone (for fractions, compounds and their controls).
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