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A crypt or cellar, especially of a church.
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Dr Croud will oversee the company's research and development activities at its Tracer Technology Centre in Billingham, Teesside.
D-Gen and Antec International anticipate that by combining their respective technologies and expertise, the collaboration will lead to advances in developing practical, user-friendly disinfection products that could substantially reduce the risks of iatrogenic transmission of human prion diseases," said Dr Vince Croud, Technology Manager, Antec International.
Some professionals simply define the terms "digital reference" and "virtual reference" as similar in service and scope (Borchardt & Croud, n.
Brutus: He who in virtue's cause remain unmov'dAnd nobly struggles for his country's good:Shall more than conquer--better days shall beam, and happier prospects croud again the scene (The Adulateur III, iii).
Mencken informs us that croud, fether, groop, iland, insted, leperd, soe, sut, steddy, thred, thret, thum and wimmen appear only in the 1806 edition.
Michael Kasprowicz struck the crowning blow, a lofted drive to cover for four, before a single sealed the win as a bemused croud wondered what was going on.
Burbridge was delighted with his first British Open title and milked the applause, cheering with jubilation and waving to the croud.
Charles then rouz'd me somewhat out of this extatic distraction, with a complaint softly murmur'd amidst a croud of kisses, at the position, not so favourable to his desires, in which I receiv'd his urgent insistence for admission.
WREXHAM PRISON Brendon Croud Wish it had gone further up the coast in North Wales.
Brendon Croud Watched the Croods on Friday night with my wife and daughter we all loved it, funny and a nice storyline Susan Jones Les Miserable great film Pammy Squammy Sheldon The book Sanctus by Simon Toyne is a book I can not recommend enough
I'm fond of pomp and pageantry, Of dance and youthful jollity; Am with the hero in his car, And give fresh courage for the war; Tumultuous crouds, whene'er I call, Silence each rude contentious brawl.
Crouds of angry spectators swarmed round the dressing-rooms at the end of the match at eBrne last night in which Hungary beat Brazil 4-2 in a quarter-final of the Wolrd Cup.