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A crypt or cellar, especially of a church.
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Dr Croud will oversee the company's research and development activities at its Tracer Technology Centre in Billingham, Teesside.
A croud of kids where skateboarding aways off from where we were videoing, thin they came over, the loudest and most up in the camera was Harold.
The shouting of multitudes has a similar effect; and by the sole strength of the sound, so amazes and confounds the imagination, that in this staggering, and hurry of the mind, the best established tempers can scarcely forbear being borne down, and joining in the common cry, and common resolution of the croud.
Some professionals simply define the terms "digital reference" and "virtual reference" as similar in service and scope (Borchardt & Croud, n.
Brutus: He who in virtue's cause remain unmov'dAnd nobly struggles for his country's good:Shall more than conquer--better days shall beam, and happier prospects croud again the scene (The Adulateur III, iii).
Thou Great Young Man permit amongst the Croud Of those that sing thy mighty Praises Loud, My humbler Muse to bring her Tribute too; Inspir'd by Thy vast Flights of Verse, Methinks I should some wonderous thing Reherse Worthy Divine Lucretius, and Diviner You
Mencken informs us that croud, fether, groop, iland, insted, leperd, soe, sut, steddy, thred, thret, thum and wimmen appear only in the 1806 edition.
Michael Kasprowicz struck the crowning blow, a lofted drive to cover for four, before a single sealed the win as a bemused croud wondered what was going on.
Burbridge was delighted with his first British Open title and milked the applause, cheering with jubilation and waving to the croud.
If you come to deal with a Tradesman or Handicraftsman, and talk his own language to him, he presently supposes you understand his business; that you know what you came about; that you a judgment in his goods, or in his Art, and cannot easily be impos'd upon; accordingly he treats you like a man that is not to be cheated, comes close to the point, and does not croud you with words, and rattling talk, to set out his wares, and to cover their defects; he finds you know where to look or feel for the defect of things, and how to judge of their worth.
Was supported by the Royal Patronage; the Subscription and Interest of the Gentry, and the best Voices Italy could produce; and it was as odd, as bold, for my self saw it, both Opera's being perform'd the same Night;(11) I left the Italian Opera, the House was so thin, and cross'd over the way to the English one, which was so full I was forc'd to croud in upon the Stage, and even that was throng'd: Is not this odd, I say, for an English Tradesman's Daughter to spring up all of a suddain, and rival the selected Singers of Italy?