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Music an ancient bowed stringed instrument; crwth



an ancient bowed stringed instrument. It was wide-spread in Western European countries, primarily England and France, until the early 19th century. The crowd had a wooden body and six strings. Length, 550–575 mm.

What does it mean when you dream about a crowd?

Dreaming about being in a crowd can mean many different things. We may have had anxieties about being in crowds as a child, so crowds could simply represent anxiety. We can feel good about being part of the crowd, or unhappy about being part of the herd; we may feel “lost in the crowd” and want to “stand out from the crowd.” If people are looking at the dreamer, one could be anxious about public opinion.

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Wary of hostility from conservative Muslims opposed to his depiction of the human form, he was happy to see dozens of adults and children crowding round for a closer look at his work.
As he moved to leave the stage, chanting supporters rushed up to greet him, crowding round the leader, who later was seen smiling and shaking people's hands.
GORDON J Doing good The footage made me reflect that his daughter, Jennifer, who died the week after she was born, would have been 10 years old now, just like the lasses crowding round him in a dusty schoolyard.
I was happy to sit at the back early on to stay out of trouble, but even when I moved up the field I could feel them crowding round me, and when they kicked with 300 metres to go I couldn't get through.
expected routine of west, the smiling faces crowding round as I slide
Connelly admits he hates to see players crowding round the ref to try to get a decision changed.
The farmers' market was a big hit - you could hardly get in with so many people crowding round to look.
The 25-year-old caused chaos as she stepped out in London with fans and paparazzi crowding round.
Over 20 million people watched the BBC's coverage, many people crowding round neighbours' sets to watch TV for the first time.