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A side benefit of having a hole through the bottom of the furnace and crucible is associated with placing a ground fault detect wire.
The 2006 winner has had to battle through three rounds to make it to the Crucible, his final hurdle being a 10-7 win over China's yu y delu yesterday.
Judd Trump snapped out of being "bored" in time to scrape past Tom Ford 10-8 to edge into the last 16 at the Crucible.
A crucial aspect behind the success of Welsh Crucible has been the genuine cross institutional collaboration and teamwork involved and, in particular, the contribution and efforts made by a number of 'Crucible Champions' -those key university managers that help, organise and facilitate the smooth running of the programme.
1 -- 2 -- color -- ran in SAC edition only) Above, Amanda Hubbell and Matt McClenahan act a scene from ``The Crucible,'' below, Katrina Blanchard and McClenahan perform in the production, which opens tonight at the Repertory East Playhouse in Newhall.
In the transit between house and street and in this cross-ing between globalization and exclusion, in this crucible (in persecution and uncertainty) the church of the crucified God finds and founds itself.
The Crucible, home to the event since 1977, will continue to host the tournament until 2005 and World Snooker chief executive Richard Relton has not ruled out the possibility of staying in Sheffield beyond that.
In "The Crucible," however, the devil is not cast as either a seducer or archfiend, but as something more frightening -- a child's lie run amok.
I started The Leadership Crucible because, as a former Air Force senior officer, I wanted to bring the benefits of the military approach to leadership to the small business community, which is the growth engine of our national economy," says Joe Scherrer, The Leadership Crucible's founder and president.
RONNIE O'SULLIVAN lost his temper at the Crucible last night - and almost broke his cue.