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Crude rates of constipation, annual incidence density, relative risk, and adjusted odds ratios were compared.
Using the preceding formula, table 2 shows how much upward or downward pressure each age group exerted on the crude rate, compared with the situation in 1960, for the total population, for men, and for women.
Similarly, the 1930 peak for Chicago actually masks a downturn, for the city's crude rate had reached a high point in 1925 and then began to decline.
The crude rate expressed in (3) explicitly shows the nature of compositional effect.
By 2011, the crude rate of reporting had fallen to 0.
During 4,106 person-years of follow-up, their crude rate of zoster was 4.
Over the 1995-to-1997 period, an average of 3,863 people took their lives each year in Canada, a crude rate of around 13 suicides for every 100,000 people in the total Canadian population.
Methods of decomposition represent a simple extension of this analytic technique by enabling us to gauge the relative effects of more than one compositional component on crude rate differences.
It is anticipated that with fine-tuning of the model and the refinery itself, crude rate will exceed 50,000 bpsd.
3 (13/64) Yearly PBM incidence/100,000 population All residents Crude rate 0.
Each day a patient receives intubation or mechanical ventilation, the crude rate of VAP increases by 1% to 3%(1).
Navajo's crude rate has been reduced to approximately 40,000 barrels per day (bpd) while plant personnel work to restart certain downstream processing units," the company said in a press release.