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J-shaped, double-reed musical instrument used throughout Europe from the 15th cent. through the 17th cent. It possesses a soft, reedy tone. The reed is enclosed by a wooden cap with a hole at the top through which the player blows. The cap serves as a wind chamber, which causes the reed to vibrate. The crumhorn is one of the ancestors of the oboeoboe
[Ital., from Fr. hautbois] or hautboy
, woodwind instrument of conical bore, its mouthpiece having a double reed. The instruments possessing these general characteristics may be referred to as the oboe family, which includes the English horn, the bassoon,
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They will bring with them an array of instruments including crumhorns, sackbuts and shawms.
That evening the York Waits, armed with a panoply of shawms, sackbuts, cornetts, crumhorns, hurdy-gurdies and bagpipes, join forces with the Orlando Consort, whose recording of Dunstaple's motets was a Gramophone Award winner, to illustrate the contrasti ng secular and religious sides of music contemporary with the early 15th century knight Richard Beauchamp.
Val Brodie, director of the Early Music Consort for the county's music service, said: "The festival of early music brings together groups who specialise in playing music and instruments such as crumhorns, viols, cornamuse, violin and sackbut.
Workshop director Val Brodie said: ``If you've ever fancied playing crumhorns, shawms, viols or early percussion instruments, now's your chance.