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in strength of materials, a localized compressive stress, accompanied, as a rule, by permanent deformation (pressing down) of the material. Crumpling occurs in joints (bolted, riveted, key) in locations of structural supports, and in contact zones of compressed components.

The magnitude of crumpling stress in structures is usually kept below the allowable crumpling stress. This allowable stress is determined by the character of the surfaces in contact, the properties of the structural material, and the orientation of this material with respect to applied loads (for instance, with wood, parallel or perpendicular to the grain). Various design features aimed at reducing crumpling stresses and, more important, permanent deformation distribute the compressive stress over a large area with the aid of, for example, washers, liners, and pads. One of the most effective means for reducing deformation is the use of special inserts and fillers in the contact zones made of materials that are stronger than the structural material.


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This simple process leads to a fascinating pattern of wrinkles and crumples that emerge spontaneously near the perimeter of each foil," Davidovitch points out.
In an automobile the crumple zone is the area that is designed to collapse in order to absorb the energy from a collision, thus saving the passengers' lives.
Keywords in this release: replacement body collision aftermarket, North America, sheet metal, crumple zones, laminated glass, multiple air bags, scrappage, direct repair programs, DRPs, research, information, market, trends, technology, service, forecast
The researchers also discovered that increasing a sheet's size has an unexpectedly small effect on the total amount of energy required to crumple it.
The Commons transport committee said while the new trains stand idle, commuters are still being crammed into 2,000 carriages dating back to the 1950s, which crumple in crashes.
Heading past glamour's crumple zone, Teller takes us to the crash site of the body beautiful.
14, 1994--Through the years, Volvo has been building cars with safety in mind; from the one piece 3-point seat belt, to crumple zones, to a unique Side Impact Protection System.
Calumet Carton's new Expand-A-Mailer[TM] envelope for oversized items serves as the industry's first "postal billboard" to showcase key images, logos, or messages directly on the envelope, while expanding up to one-inch to protect the contents from image-detracting tears, wrinkles, and crumples.
In Hollywood, a punch to the groin is usually pretty humorous, an unintentional kick or elbow that crumples the unfortunate victim to the ground.
She and Deisenhofer argue that a statin molecule works because its arm sticks into the enzyme's pocket and then its wing crumples down into the cavity, blocking any other molecules from binding there.
Always one step ahead of the Nazis, Jacobowsky invokes his mother's practical philosophy, ``There are two possibilities in every situation,'' and Graae's face crumples as he searches for the more hopeful alternative.
A bare-breasted woman wearing a long, glowing orange skirt speaks of spiders, voices and women's eyes, furiously crumples cellophane in a cacophonous frenzy, and dramatically traces arcs in space with her upper body as she waltzes through webbed lighting that keeps dividing the stage into new lands.