crushed rock

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crushed stone, crushed rock

The product resulting from the artificial crushing of rocks, boulders, or large cobblestones, substantially all faces of which have been crushed. Also see coarse aggregate.
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That will be dug up and replaced with 12 inches of crushed rock, topped with 8 inches of asphalt paving, he said.
The crushed rock is then spilled onto the ground in separate piles where it is stockpiled or transported to work sites.
The pits filled with radioactive water, from which Navajos and their animals drank; children played near the tailings; and their parents used the sand and crushed rock to build radioactive dwellings.
Investigations at other sites in Las Vegas suggest that the salt crusts don't form in landscaped areas if the crushed rock that's used is free of pyrites.
A sign on top read "Free Crushed Rock," a boon for those in the working-class neighborhood who needed fill for their yards and driveways.
When new wood ties are installed in a rail bed of crushed rock, trains passing over the ties press the ties into the rock, creating dents that lock the ties in place.
Pipe zone backfill was crushed rock with a complete surround for deep covers but placed only to springline for depths up to 18 feet.
Asphalt pavement is composed of 95% crushed rock aggregate and 5% asphalt cement, a sticky petroleum refining by-product that holds it all together.
Nonmetallic minerals such as crushed rock, sand and gravel were the top commodity, accounting for 6.
First, rubble left behind by the blasting usually has to be moved out Second, vehicles need to move around in the tunnels and that means bringing in crushed rock to lay down a roadbed.
My scooter has successfully navigated pavement, brick, dirt, wood shavings, crushed rock, root-infested paths, and boardwalk.