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Even when the source of crying befuddles a parent, the baby's demands for attention need to be addressed.
According to the Kleenex For Men Crying Game Report, carried out by the Social Issues Research Centre, evolutionary psychologists argue that men have evolved to cry less than women because in hunter-gatherer times it would have been a display of weakness.
Crying was part of a coordinated emotional response in nondepressed volunteers.
But crying for emotional reasons and crying in response to aesthetic experiences are unique to us," he told Scientific American.
Although when you cry you are upset for a brief period and your heart-rate goes up, the crying actually calms you down and does you good eventually.
These responses nudge a person toward socially preferred reactions, such as crying or experiencing a sense of despair.
Stone's book, Cure By Crying, takes us full circle back to Freud's original idea.
gre "I think crying is a very good idea for a variety of reasons," says Professor Cary Cooper, a stress expert from Lancaster University.
Her second child, a baby boy only 2 weeks old, had colic - inconsolable crying for hours on end and one of the most-dreaded conditions faced by parents.
Baby Cry Analyser which helps determine why a baby is crying.
The first research to quantify changing attitudes among men towards crying has found that almost a third readily admit to weeping at least once a month.
In all cases, parents kept a diary of their child's crying.