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The overall level of agreement is excellent and there is only one outlier in the assemblage (this result is considered more likely to be caused by sedimentary and cryoturbation processes in the upper parts of the site).
Wisconsin age cryoturbation features in central Ohio.
Natural edge damage (concassage) of many of the artefacts together with the often wide vertical separation of refitting pieces can be interpreted as evidence for sediment transport, perhaps inwards from the cave entrace, or alternatively disturbance by cryoturbation.
1997), the name Aquaturbel indicates the recent cryoturbation in these soils.
Gelic soils with evidence of cryoturbation are termed Turbels, and gelic soils with minimal evidence of cryoturbation are classified as Haplels.
In the new Gelisol order, it is possible to indicate whether the soils are affected by cryoturbation (i.
Site B was characterised by a huge solifluction tongue from loamy fine material with loamy, Pergelic Cryaquepts showing scattered vegetation (Table 10) due to an active cryoturbation (Washburn 1980).
There are root channels, both ancient and recent, as well as deformation of the sediment structure under the influence of cryoturbation.
Among these, we note the presence of root channels (ancient and modern) that effected secondary carbonate enrichment, worm burrows, and occasional localized deformation of the member by cryoturbation.
This facies has suffered from post-depositional effects, exemplified by cryoturbation and sediment perforations produced by roots, burrowing insects or both.
Under exceptional conditions of preservation in the open air, fired zones might be represented by a thin, rubefied sediment band a millimetre or two thick - but, again, only if the deposit was not affected by post-depositional phenomena like cryoturbation or bioturbation.