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com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Global Quantum Cryptography Industry http://www.
Implementing the SmartMIPS architecture's cryptography enhancements brings a higher level of smart card processing security to the MIPS32 4KSc core by adding special instructions designed for efficient cryptography processing.
In 1994, officials ruled that a cryptography textbook that contained complete computer programs for several strong cryptographic schemes was freely exportable.
Finally, national cryptography policy is only one component of a national information-security policy.
That war has been largely unpublicized, in part because the general public has yet to deem cryptography policy a matter of central concern.
We've also started a project on quantum cryptography in free space-no fibers," Hughes says.
Where Applied Cryptography is a reference, Practical Cryptography reads like a narrative.
The licensing program provides access to Cryptography Research's rich portfolio of broad patents on the technology that can reduce fraud and privacy by removing DPA attacks.
The DPA countermeasure license with Cryptography Research is an important ingredient in our efforts to provide our customers with strong security across our product lines," said Dan Marotta, executive vice president & general manager, Broadcom's Broadband Communications Group.
We are pleased to see Athena's efforts to develop DPA-resistant hardware cores tailored to the anti-tamper needs of our DPA countermeasure technology licensees," said Pankaj Rohatgi, technical director, hardware security solutions at Cryptography Research, Inc.
Fortunately, books such as Cryptography Decrypted: A Pictorial Introduction to Digital Security provide a good, largely jargon-free introduction to an often arcane subject.
To foil eavesdroppers, banks and other businesses handling electronic transactions have turned to various forms of cryptography to scramble and hide sensitive information.

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