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(chemical engineering)
In a plastics molding operation, material remaining in the transfer chamber after the mold has been filled.
(science and technology)
Material rejected for being below standard grade.


Any building material rejected as being below standard quality.

cull, brack, wrack

A piece of lumber or brick of a quality below the lowest accepted grade or below specifications.
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Around 5,000 badgers are expected to be culled over the next six weeks in the two areas.
In 2011 just one farmer in Ballintra, southern Donegal, had bTB in his herd as a result of which badgers were culled in a 5km radius of his farm.
Earlier, hundreds of thousands of birds had been culled in Assam and neighboring Meghalaya after bird flu was detected in November last year.
A total of eight birds were culled, all of which were of species detailed within the licence.
He told a session of parliamentary question time that while the South Australian Government had concerns about Kangaroo Island's environment, it had to take into account what would happen to tourism if it culled 20,000 koalas.
However, the reported prevalence of sick pigs on farms where pigs were culled did not differ between the two groups (68.
Culling Flexibility - Data can be culled in the beginning of processing or at the end during the export phase.
Badgers are being culled to help tackle tuberculosis in cattle |
com/topics/detail/389/australia/) Australia n government has declared that only large sharks will be culled, the baited lines with large hooks seem to attract and catch smaller sharks.
Last year 34,000 cattle were culled as they were found to be infected with TB.