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(chemical engineering)
In a plastics molding operation, material remaining in the transfer chamber after the mold has been filled.
(science and technology)
Material rejected for being below standard grade.


Any building material rejected as being below standard quality.

cull, brack, wrack

A piece of lumber or brick of a quality below the lowest accepted grade or below specifications.
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Property is definitely under pricing pressure," Culler says, "on the cat side--we're feeling an impact there both on wind and quake.
Wat die proaiereties kode betref, meen Culler (84) dat hierdie kode die leser help om byvoorbeeld "a series of models of action" te kan plaas binne die sekwensies in die teks.
Indeed, Culler laments so desperately about this when he notes that:
The economic approaches concentrate on the trade off of free time for wages (Shisko & Rostker, 1976) or the choice between moonlighting and other income supplements under conditions of financial necessity (Allen, 1998; Culler & Bazzoli, 1985; Krishnan, 1990; Lakhani, 1995).
Culler notes that there exist "numerous records of responses and interpretations that semiotics can use.
As the figure for linguistic disruption and literary deviance par excellence, repressed by the critical tradition and "problematic" for readers and audiences, "above all," as Culler stresses, "embarrassing" (135), apostrophe seems inherently unassimilable to a cognitive rhetoric or a poetics of mind.
Tom Sanfillippo, vice president of manufacturing for Crescent, has been named to succeed Culler as president, and will retain his manufacturing responsibilities.
Allan Culler of Allstate, left, presents a check to Jay Duke, executive director of the Antelope Valley Boys & Girls Club.
Jonathan Culler describes the warring potential at risk in these differing interpretations: "Some of the fiercest conflicts in contemporary theory arise when claims about individuals as agents and claims about the power of social and discursive structures are seen as competing causal explanations" (120).
Culler of the University of California, Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley (Calif.
It is our way of attempting to ensure that when attorneys do wrong that we have a fund -- that we all contribute to -- that helps compensate those clients," Culler said.