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(chemical engineering)
In a plastics molding operation, material remaining in the transfer chamber after the mold has been filled.
(science and technology)
Material rejected for being below standard grade.


Any building material rejected as being below standard quality.

cull, brack, wrack

A piece of lumber or brick of a quality below the lowest accepted grade or below specifications.
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Speaking in the Commons, Tory MP Gary Streeter (South West Devon) told Mr Eustice: "The hardpressed dairy farmers of south Devon, which is a bovine TB hotspot, are keen to have the cull extended into our part of the world.
The badger cull has been a disaster and cost taxpayers over PS5,000 per badger BRIAN MAY OF QUEEN ON LATEST KILLINGS The b cull h a disa cost t over PS per ba BRIAN
We are therefore calling for the culls in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire to be completed using the tried and tested method of cage trapping and shooting, and for culling to be rolled out to other carefully selected areas using this method.
The culls must be allowed to run for their full four years so the maximum disease control benefits can be achieved.
But at the end of the sixweek period back in December the shooters had failed to meet half of their target and the Government controversially extended both culls.
Following the end of the pilot culls an independent panel is now assessing the effectiveness, humaneness and safety of controlled shooting before making a recommendation on whether or not the culls should be rolled out more widely.
Natural England said the cull ended three weeks early because marksmen were unable to reach even their amended targets.
AN RSPCA advert suggesting that badgers in cull areas would be 'exterminated' has been banned following 119 complaints.
The guitarist, 65, joined animal welfare supporters on a march through Westminster to protest against the cull, which started in two bovine TB hotspots yesterday.
THOUSANDS of people decked in black-and-white clothing have marched on Westminster in protest at a planned badger cull.
Environment Secretary Owen Paterson told MPs that culling was originally delayed by the Olympics and legal proceedings, and now by bad weather and the news that there were more badgers in the cull areas than previously estimated.
Government proposals for pilot culls are the worst possible outcome and will do nothing to halt the spread of bovine TB.