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in astronomy, the maximum height in the sky reached by a celestial body on a given day. At the culminate the body is crossing the observer's celestial meridiancelestial meridian,
vertical circle passing through the north celestial pole and an observer's zenith. It is an axis in the altazimuth coordinate system.
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 and is said to be in upper transittransit,
in astronomy, passage of a body across a meridian or passage of a small body across the visible disk of a larger one. (The passage of a large body across a smaller one is called an eclipse or occultation.
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Plugged In - The Guitar Master 2012, taking place at Twister Club Bahrain, Ramada Palace Hotel, Gudaibiya, will culminate in a grand finale on Friday at 11.
PALMDALE -- Youngsters age 9 to 12 begin a two-week theater camp that will culminate in a production of ``Jack and the Beanstalk.
A joint DEA-Panamanian interdiction operation collapses under the weight of internal betrayal and culminates into a fiasco of human devastation.
His discussion culminates in a detailed explanation of omega, the number he famously described 30 years ago to demonstrate Turing's halting theorem.
Light culminates a monthlong series of community symposia addressing human rights issues, offered by the Holocaust Museum Houston, the University of Texas-Austin, and the Jewish Community Association, and marks Ballet Austin's biggest premiere to date.
The third chapter, "'The Parterre Becomes an Actor,' 1680-1725," is about the "critical juncture" when the parterre came to power in the French theatre (10); Ravel covers such areas as the Comedie-Francaise versus the Comedie-Italienne and spectators at fairground theatres, then culminates in a discussion of the Parterre's role in ruining the 1724 production of Voltaire's Mariamne.
This reinforces a notion, suggested by the plan form, that the whole building is encompassed by a single spiralling wall that opens snail-like at the entrance and culminates in the stage.
The near head-on collision over cars culminates a year of accusations of dumping--selling goods below the cost of production--in the trade of various products.
Partly a tale of a father and his estranged son seeking to make amends, partly a love story, part redemption saga, and part pluckly novel of determination to win a challenge, Offshore culminates in a devil's bargain that pits a family's drive to succeed against not only the ruthlessness of their enemies, but the force of an incoming hurricane.
Lou Plasencia, President and CEO of The Plasencia Group, commented, "The sale of the Americas Hotel Portfolio culminates a very successful process that began last summer as part of InterContinental Hotels Group's timely global strategic disposition program.