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in astronomy, the maximum height in the sky reached by a celestial body on a given day. At the culminate the body is crossing the observer's celestial meridiancelestial meridian,
vertical circle passing through the north celestial pole and an observer's zenith. It is an axis in the altazimuth coordinate system.
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 and is said to be in upper transittransit,
in astronomy, passage of a body across a meridian or passage of a small body across the visible disk of a larger one. (The passage of a large body across a smaller one is called an eclipse or occultation.
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References in classic literature ?
And, finally, I am convinced that he is the perfect type of the primitive man, born a thousand years or generations too late and an anachronism in this culminating century of civilization.
The series of puzzling, disconcerting visits of the last few days, culminating as they had in the extraordinary experience of the afternoon, had strained her nerves to the snapping point.
An unusual air of gallantry and dissipation is abroad; evinced in an immense bunch of mistletoe hanging in the greengrocer's shop doorway, and a poor little Twelfth Cake, culminating in the figure of a Harlequin--such a very poor little Twelfth Cake, that one would rather called it a Twenty- fourth Cake or a Forty-eighth Cake--to be raffled for at the pastrycook's, terms one shilling per member.
It was from the strange woman next door that Saxon received a hint, dropped in casual conversation, of what proved the culminating joy of bathing.
This collection of Nevelet's is the great culminating point in the history of the revival of the fame and reputation of Aesopian Fables.
That moment when Claire had thrown the ring at his feet and swept out of his life like an offended queen had been the culminating blow of a night of blows, the knock-out following on a series of minor punches.
Perhaps, however, the position and appearance of my admirable friend at the culminating period of the outrage (as above described) are hardly within the proper limits of female discussion.
He felt her now clinging round his legs, and his terror reached its culminating point, became a sort of intoxication, entertained delusions, acquired the characteristics of delirium tremens.
The long, long stress of a gale does it; the suspense of the interminably culminating catastrophe; and there is a bodily fatigue in the mere holding on to existence within the excessive tumult; a searching and insidious fatigue that penetrates deep into a man's breast to cast down and sadden his heart, which is incorrigible, and of all the gifts of the earth -- even before life itself -aspires to peace.
CHARLTON -- A recent "SEUSSical'' Carnival at Heritage School was the culminating celebration of a readathon that raised $10,147 for technology and student activities.
It will feature an Iron Man contest, surfing competitions, dry surf simulators, paddle-surfing workshops and street entertainers, culminating in a floodlit surf contest off the Esplanade.
WHITLEY Warriors coach Simon Leach has revealed plans which could bring more than 10,000 fans through the Hillheads doors to watch his side in November and December - culminating in their derby clash with the Northern Stars on December 19.