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In conjunction with Fanon's analysis, the Azibo Nosology, addresses this contact with the white world as it is theoretically grounded in African-centered and Fanonian concepts of cultural misorientation and cultural imposition.
In his description of what he calls "social constructionism," he rejects any form of cultural relativism (as if the virtues and the vices were simply cultural impositions or inventions), yet he declares his intent to convey a due appreciation for the complex cultural processes involved in understanding human behavior and emotions in relation to morality.
But they react to their historical times in different ways: unlike Barreto, who attempted to reach a wider public through journalistic language, Lins reacts against what he sees as a pleasurable or easy best-seller readership that would conform to cultural impositions.
Through individual narrative quests, two of the most common and potentially debilitating modem, European cultural impositions are accented: first, the belief in the epistemological superiority of underground solitude; second, the flawed assumption that reflective subjectivity entails an immobile state of introspective concentration.

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