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This study also benefits from French sociologist Bourdieu's 1974 ideology of cultural reproduction which refers to the various ways the cultures of the haves are maintained or reproduced by the education system (Gwirayi 2010).
Historians and anthropologists at the university and others refer to his work in essays that describe his career, his contribution to Namibian history, the relationship between historical analysis and social anthropology and memory and cultural reproduction, photography and anthropology, South African migrant workers on the Rand mines during war and genocide, slavery and commerce, the Basel Mission's involvement with the Kannada language in South India, Mary Elizabeth Barber, German natural history collectors of human skulls and skeletons in southern Africa, South African jazz, and other topics.
Treating film remakes as products of a society's survival mechanism that both preserves and reconditions its own cultural meta-narrative, Zanger goes beyond apparent differences between originals and remakes to reveal a common typology along the vertical historical axis of cultural reproduction.
Today, it is refreshing to find examples of piracy studies that shift the focus from the bad subject to new textual or paratextual subjects, new political sensibilities, and different standpoints taken with respect to cultural reproduction.
Throughout the course of the study, a theoretical framework of Pierre Bourdieu's Multi-capitals (extracted from Bourdieu's Cultural Reproduction Theory) was employed to theoretically cement the research.
In what follows here, I first further explain austerity education as both a continuation and intensification of longstanding neoliberal restructuring of public schooling by situating it in terms of the insights of social and cultural reproduction theory that highlights how schools reproduce the social relations for the reproduction of capital.
Education scholars, social workers, and practicing and retired teachers, all with experience in small communities, explore the role of grandparents in the education and cultural reproduction of families that have spread from their geographical origins, taking two maritime provinces of Canada as a test case.
However, it seems that insufficient attention is paid to cultural reproduction in language-learning and use, which I term here cultural tool normalization (CTN).
His concept of "queer diasporism," for example, which he acknowledges is indebted to Shandler's idea of Queer Yiddishkeit, and which he defines as "a cultural form generated by diaspora-dwelling Jews who accept, and sometimes revel in, the rootless quality of Jewish experience by privileging transgressive identities and non-natural forms of individual and cultural reproduction across the board" (42), a "vision of identity that rejects origin, nationhood, cultural reproduction in favor of a vision that embraces cultural syncretism, wandering, exile without any sense of the moral imperative of returning to origins" (90), is as important a provocation to responsible criticism of identity as we've seen.
Basil Bernstein (1977, 1990/2009, 1996/2000) theorizes how education works as the medium of cultural reproduction by analyzing the nature of pedagogic discourse (see also Apple, 2002; Au, 2008).
Nevertheless, Snyder can indubitably count his translation of Andreini's play as a fitting cultural reproduction for the English-speaking world.
3) by drawing upon a review of his own educational research on social and cultural reproduction.

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