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see cloudcloud,
aggregation of minute particles of water or ice suspended in the air. Formation of Clouds

Clouds are formed when air containing water vapor is cooled below a critical temperature called the dew point and the resulting moisture condenses into droplets on
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The accumulation of minerals which have precipitated from a liquid without having been modified by later crystallization.

cumulus (Cu)

cumulus (Cu)
Clouds with marked vertical development. Cumulus clouds are billowing, white, flat-based, individual clouds with a pronounced thickness, which extends upward as a cauliflower or as a dome. These are fair-weather type clouds initially, but they can become cumulonimbus (cb) or thunderclouds. A flight through a cumulus cloud is invariably turbulent.


1. Meteorol a bulbous or billowing white or dark grey cloud associated with rising air currents
2. Histology the mass of cells surrounding a recently ovulated egg cell in a Graafian follicle
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