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A stone forming a curb or part of a curb.
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The presence of statues (moai) along roadbeds as well as constructed linear features such as curbstones with U-shaped depressions served as a primary means to confirm the prehistoric age of roads.
She reports that several of her family members are also stronger than normal; one is a construction worker who used to lift large curbstones unaided.
The assumption is that those who do not have these materials will either break out in red-eyed rioting rage and burn down the countryside, or sit quietly on curbstones and die.
He describes the soon-to-be-installed GCP granite curbstones as "rosier" than those now found selectively around the Terminal.
Contract Awarded for Domestic Equipment Material (Desk, Curbstones and Locker).
Al Muhairi added that that all illegally parked vehicles in the area will be subject to the law, noting that parking next to yellow and grey curbstones and in the middle of the road is strictly prohibited, as is double parking.
Some of these areas have their pavements and curbstones already painted.
Workers were replacing up-turned paving bricks at the roundabout in A'Ali; grass was being cut on the motorway embankments; a road was being repaved; and other workers were repainting the curbstones along the corniche.
I would like to ask Kirklees Council where our traditional large Yorkshire curbstones have vanished to during works to Cross Lane, Primrose Hill.
From its historic beginnings on the curbstones of downtown New York to the present, the Amex has traditionally been the marketplace for new and emerging companies whose innovative spirit has helped shape our country.
Announcement of competition:The contractor shall deliver all pipes, fittings, manholes, manhole covers, frames, masses, setts, curbstones, asphalt, etc.