curcuma longa

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(looks like orange yellow ginger) powerful anti-cancer antiinflammatory antioxidant that reduces brain plaque, helps clean the blood and liver, helps rejuvenate tissues and increase energy. Curry is turmeric and mustard. India has one of the lowest cancer rates and they eat lots of curry. Put it on all your food. Turmeric has stronger antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties than milk thistle and has been shown in studies to block the formation of cancer through many mechanisms. Regular washing with turmeric reduces facial hair growth and wrinkles significantly. For burns, mix a teaspoon of turmeric with some aloe gel and apply to the burn. Also used for menstrual cramps. For a nagging cough, drink a spoonful of turmeric with water. For gum infections, apply a mixture of turmeric, sea salt and mustard oil 2-3x a day. Turmeric powder mixed with water is also known to help diarrhea by killing the organisms causing it.
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Caption: 4 Detail of the Curcuma longa plant in a William Roxburgh journal.
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