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Prevalence of malpractice, such as adding another flask to an on-going curing cycle or revival of water bath with cold water or cooling of a flask under tap water was negligible and was probably due to a lack of experience or training in the concerned field.
ET refers to rubber details utilized in the aerospace industry to fabricate composite parts of various sizes and shapes in order to intensify or redistribute the pressure during a curing cycle, to avoid bridging, wrinkling in comers or bag rupture in tight radii (ref.
In this article, the model is used to analyze the efficiency of a specific curing cycle under different operation conditions.
In combination, Huntsman says the system's good thixotropic and low exothermic properties lead to improved process efficiencies, characterised by easy handling and mixing, a long pot life of 240 minutes at 23[degrees]C, fast strength build-up and reduced curing cycle capabilities.
As the product is non-drip and non-saggging, the drying and curing cycle can start immediately.
Manufacturers using the material still find it difficult to get higher production rates without bottlenecks in the curing cycle.
The unit produces an audible signal at the end of each selectable curing cycle.
Popping involves the formation of defects by the violent evolution of trapped solvent or other volatiles after the coating has begun to gel during its curing cycle.
Upon completion of the curing cycle, the samples were tested in the APA for resistance to rutting.
If the amine reverts back to a liquid, it is necessary to increase amine consumption during the curing cycle and to increase the purge time to assure that no residual amine odor is retained in the core after it is ejected from the corebox.
At that time, officials said an inspection showed the inner skin of one of four cylinders that comprise the tank had bubbled during a curing cycle and was not adhering properly to the rest of the tank.
The curing cycle of the logs is timed, and the AS/RS automatically pulls finished pallets of logs to be emptied, painted, and sealed for a customer order.