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carpet underlayment

A padding material, laid directly on the floor, over which carpet is installed; usually manufactured of hair felt, foam rubber, hair felt and jute, sponge rubber, or some other combination of these materials.
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Designated as DSNU-PPS, the new cylinders from Festo bring users all the benefits of adjustable air cushioning but without the problems--there's no set up, no adjustment needed for varying speed or mass and no need to open or work within guards.
And physicians should always emphasize that, though "stability shoe" sounds severe, this is the middle of the road choice, a well-rounded shoe with both cushioning and motion control features.
The ads, running in the Boston Globe, The New York Times and the Washington Post, tout Domain's home fashions and explain the benefit story of Reflex's state-of-the-art polyurethane cushioning products, which combine the comfort of down with the resiliency of today's technology.
Investigations also included the effect on cushioning of introducing controlled centrally placed voids into 5-cm-thick samples of external dimensions 15 x 15 cm.
Typical cushioning materials are foams, in various densities and thicknesses, and solid elastomers.
Foam is the most widely used cushioning material and provides good stability and pressure relief for many individuals.
Using a heat gun to mold Bubble Wrap([R]) cushioning around the steel rod of a prosthetic limb to give it muscle-like tone and shape, Rosenberger was able to quickly turn a basic artificial leg into a more life-like limb so that amputees would feel more confident and less self-conscious.
Hannah Barkey, 13, Steamboat Springs, Colorado - "Steamboat Sealed Air Shade" - A roman shade that is insulated with Bubble Wrap([R]) cushioning.
Original inventions must incorporate the use of Bubble Wrap(R) brand cushioning, and entries must include a visual and written description that explains the name of the invention, the purpose it serves, how it works and how the idea was formulated.
These have a little bit more cushioning and a bit more support than racing flats.
Since its invention in 1960, Bubble Wrap(R) cushioning has become one of the best-recognized brands by people of all ages, particularly children.
Foamex, headquartered in Linwood, PA, is the world's leading producer of comfort cushioning for bedding, furniture, carpet cushion and automotive markets.