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But as custodianship of the organisation comes under scrutiny, its future hangs in the balance.
to Jordan in protest of Knesset proposal to withdraw Jordanian custodianship
If you're in any doubt about the custodianship of Rolls-Royce, relax.
Under a peace treaty between the two countries, the site falls under Jordanian custodianship.
The custodianship is a Jordanian national interest and a sacred religious duty," said the IAF, the main opposition party.
Such Israeli practices also violate signed international treaties and clearly contradict the Hashemite's custodianship of the holy sites that was approved by the peace treaty as well as the agreement between His Majesty King Abdullah II and the president of the Palestinian National Authority in March 2013," the statement added.
Today we try to support alternative forms of custodianship," the Minister emphasized.
The ministry also defended the proposal as a "democratization step," saying the Teaching and Training Board was established as an "institution for the perpetuation of the custodianship regime.
Published on Tuesday, 12 November 2013 13:07 PNN The top Jordanian government official responsible for the custodianship of religious holy sites in Jerusalem reportedly said Tuesday that he is "adamantly opposed" to Jewish worship in the Al Aqsa compound in occupied East Jerusalem, according to Israeli paper The Jerusalem Post.
If visual beauty were purely subjective, conversation about art would cease and custodianship and conservation would have no basis.
The deal signed between the Jordanian monarch and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on Sunday confirmed a verbal agreement dating back to 1924 that gave the kingdom custodianship over the city's holy sites.
For example, to address the issue of data security and access, the network can be designed to "ensure that data custodianship remains with the data's owners .