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1. Botany incised or divided
2. Veterinary science gelded or castrated
3. Economics a decrease in government finance in a particular department or area, usually leading to a reduction of services, staff numbers, etc.
4. short for power cut
5. Chiefly US and Canadian a quantity of timber cut during a specific time or operation
6. Sport the spin of a cut ball
7. Cricket a stroke made with the bat in a roughly horizontal position
8. Films an immediate transition from one shot to the next, brought about by splicing the two shots together
9. Chem a fraction obtained in distillation, as in oil refining
10. the metal removed in a single pass of a machine tool
a. the shape of the teeth of a file
b. their coarseness or fineness
12. Brit a stretch of water, esp a canal
13. make the cut Golf to better or equal the required score after two rounds in a strokeplay tournament, thus avoiding elimination from the final two rounds
14. miss the cut Golf to achieve a greater score after the first two rounds of a strokeplay tournament than that required to play in the remaining two rounds



a relief printing plate used for reproducing illustrations. Depending on the type of original being reproduced, either a linecut or halftone is made. Linecuts are made from an original consisting of lines, strokes, and solid backgrounds of uniform density (pen-and-ink drawings, engraved prints, sketches); halftones are made from an image with varying densities (photographs, watercolors, or oil paintings).

Cuts are made with wood, linoleum, zinc, brass, copper, or plastic. In making zinc cuts, which are the most widely used, the original is first photographed; using photomechanical methods, it is then transferred onto a zinc plate with a light-sensitive coating, after which the areas between the surfaces to be printed are deepened by chemical or electrochemical etching. Copper cuts are made by hand engraving or etching in a solution of ferric chloride. There is also a quick method, known as single-process etching, for making magnesium and zinc cuts with etching machines. Cuts are also made on electroengraving machines. One cut will print 40,000–50,000 copies.


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A double-strand incision in a duplex deoxyribonucleic acid molecule.
(chemical engineering)
A fraction obtained by a separation process.
A section of a crystal having two parallel major surfaces; cuts are specified by their orientation with respect to the axes of the natural crystal, such as X cut, Y cut, BT cut, and AT cut.
(graphic arts)
A photoengraving used in letterpress printing.
The style in which a gem is cut, such as brilliant cut, single cut, or rose cut.
A subset of a given set whose removal from the original set leaves a set that is not connected.
(mining engineering)
To intersect a vein or a working.
To excavate coal.
To shear one side of an entry or a crosscut by digging out the coal from floor to roof with a pick.
(cell and molecular biology)
A double-strand incision in a duplex deoxyribonucleic acid molecule.
The fraction that is removed as product or advanced to the next separative element in an isotope separation process.
The number of needles per inch in the cylinder or needle bed in a knitting frame.


1. Excavated material.
2. The void resulting from the excavation of material.
3. The depth to which material is to be excavated to bring the surface to a predetermined grade.
4. In the theater, a long slot across the stage floor for the introduction or removal of scenery.


i. To switch off an aircraft engine.
ii. To cut the gun. To close the throttle of an engine.
iii. In air navigation, the intersection of two lines of position; this is the smaller angle between these two lines.



(1) Remove. Delete. See cut and paste.

(2) In a video or movie, a sharp transition from one scene to another.

(3) A Unix command that extracts data from a file based on its location within the file.
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If Mike and Will start to move, we can make a full cut back and run under Will and inside the 7 technique.
Lister, who suffers constant pain from an arthritic knee, said: "I've been threatening for a number of years to cut back on the number of dogs I train.
The Price of Citizenship is a sophisticated, literate, and useful synthesis of material from secondary sources, but Katz has not undertaken to do primary archival research or interviewing that might have led him to offer an original explanation of why the welfare state was cut back.
The brigade confirmed it has been feeling the pinch across the last three years because of government cut backs.
After spring bloom, cut back old foliage completely to the ground; new growth emerges from the base.
Young Eagle Erin felt the effect of drag during her flight when pilot Pat Patterson cut back the engine power.
RANADE: But there is concern that Medicare benefits are being cut back.
Last week, Reagan approved a revisedversion of the plan, cut back from the civilian space agency's previous "baseline configuration' and aimed for completion in 1996, representing a two-year slowdown.
com, the leading online source for consumer credit card information, four out of five Americans said that the gas crisis has caused them to cut back their driving in some way.
The aim is to cut back current growth to encourage spurs - the short flowering shoots that bear fruit.
CHARITY Shelter have revealed more than half a million people in our region are struggling in the New Year with attempts to cut back on heating to afford their mortgage or rent.
Lilian Gerrard AWITH any of the hortensia hydrangeas, mopheads or lacecaps, wait till spring then cut back the flowered stems to the next buds down (old flowerheads protect infant buds).