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7, customers must own one of the network versions of the following products: Net Partners' WebSense, Spyglass' SurfWatch Professional Edition, MicroSystems' CyberNaut, or Secure Computing's Smart Filter.
Will it be cybernauts from the world formerly known as real or citizens of the only "true" world, the virtual universe?
This fast-approaching reality, endlessly exciting as it may be to the cybernauts among us, represents confusion and white noise to millions of others.
Since last fall, when I wrote about how dancers can get plugged in to the Internet [see "Net Dance: Everything You Need to Know to Dance in Cyberspace," November 1995, page 74], there's been an explosion of dance-related sites on the World Wide Web--the segment of the Internet where cybernauts use special Web browser software to visit sites and view magazine-like pages of text and pictures, moving from page to page and site to site by clicking on hypertext links.
Of the conglomeration of hardware, software, and data that make up the Internet, the system that has most captured the imagination of cybernauts is the World Wide Web, known as WWW, W3, or simply, the Web.
But her assessment is that with time, cybernauts will set their own standards of behavior and legal intervention will not be necessary.
Taking into account the high percentage of sales coming from the phone and the low numbers of cybernauts throughout the region, Teleflores plans to stick with the model used for its new Sao Paulo operation, launched in November, when it rolls out this year in Argentina and Mexico.
William Gibson stands at the center of the cultural whirlwind called cyberpunk, that recent subset of science fiction intent on commingling the technosphere of cybernetics, cybernauts, and computer hacking with the countercultural sociosphere of punk's anarchic violence, fringe mentality, and a sincere (if naive) attempt to return to the raw roots of its being.
Moreover, just 37% of an estimated 4 million Brazilian cybernauts are women, who in macho Brazil typically organize most aspects of their weddings.
Jordan also sets up chat sessions in which one or more vendors from the marketplace have a live, online question-and-answer session with interested cybernauts.
The agreement establishes that both companies, which are widely accepted by Latino cybernauts, will share content in two areas in particular: impreMedia, with an ample base of news coverage in the main cities with Hispanic presence in the United States, will provide news content to AOL Latino, which includes breaking news stories, analysis of the most recent local events and human interest stories, among others.
But now, Movicom-BeilSouth believes it has the magic formula to entice Argentines to become full-time cybernauts.